Simon Bisset is a highly respected Series Editor/Producer his previous credits include: Series Producer - King Fishers (National Geographic), Series Producer - Missing Millions (ITV1), Series Editor - The Landscape Man (C4), Series Producer - Paradise Or Bust (BBC2), Build A New Life In The Country (FIVE) and Selling Yourself  (FIVE) - most of which he also developed to commission.  

A highly creative talent, Simon has a BAFTA Nomination to his name for Grand Designs (C4) and produced and directed memorable episodes of How Clean Is Your House? (C4), Would Like To Meet (BBC2), Gender Swap (five), Made For Each Other (C4),  and many others.

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Chasing Perfection - Channel 4 - 2 x 60 min series that sees US sprinting legend Michael Johnson exploring the unique set of factors that make a champion and the role that science and technology is having in improving human performance - Simon Bisset produced this series with The Moment Productions for the Open University and Channel 4

King Fishers - National Geographic - A 10 X 60 min series that sees some of the World's best fishermen battle it out across the globe to find out who has what it takes to be the King Fisher. Simon Bisset was Series Producer on this series made by Shiver Productions for Nat Geo

Currently showing on Nat Geo in over 166 countries










Missing Millions - ITV1


Missing Millions - ITV1 4 X 60 prime time fact-ent series where presenters, Melanie Sykes & Paul Heiney, try to reunite the public with some of the £53 billion lost & forgotten fortune that is sitting in Britain’s bank vaults.   Simon Bisset series produced this with Flame Television for ITV1

 Landscape Man - C4 - Documentary series where Landscape Designer Matthew Wilson helps people with landscape designs on a grand scale, as they battle nature, their finances and themselves to achieve their epic dreams. Simon Bisset Series Produced this series with Red House TV for Channel 4


An absorbing intelligent new series…breathtaking” – The Observer

Paradise or Bust - BBC2 - Observational documentary series following the epic journey of two 26 year olds as they undertook the adventure of a lifetime starting a website, and inviting 5,000 people to join a tribe to develop an eco village on an Island in Fiji. Facing fire, a military coup and a hurricane on the way. Simon Bisset Series this with Shine TV for BBC2

“Paradise or Bust is brilliant”London Paper


Grand Designs - C4 - BAFTA Nominated series presented by Kevin McCloud that sees people tackling the most challenging feat of their lives - Building their very own Grand Design. Simon Bisset directed 3 shows in this popular series for Talkback Productions.

Gender Swap - Channel Five - Broadcast pilot, which was commissioned into a series. An immersive journey where celebrities (Barry from Eastenders and presenter Carol Smillie) experienced being members of the opposite sex, using the latest prosthetic techniques.

The Big Breakfast - C4 - The hugely popular breakfast show that kicked people awake in the morning with laughter and a little bit of mayhem. Presented by Johnny Vaughan & Denise Van Outen

How Clean Is Your House? - C4

How Clean Is Your House? - C4 - Simon Bisset was a Director in the first series of this hugely popular show that saw cleaning team, Kim & Aggie tackle some of the filthiest homes and homeowners in Britain.